About The Businessman

My name is David Presutti. My current work has me in the automotive industry in the world of Compliance, but this is not my first foray into the business world. Hence why I wish to share what I have learned.

I hold bachelor’s and masters in finance, business, and other matters, and have been continuing to build on my educated background as I progress in my business career.

As of now I am residing in NYC, working with a number of automotive and other companies, but my eyes are always looking ahead to the future.

About The Site

WCVED Fund, or We Carry Virtuous Educational Duty Fund, is my idea to help people learn more about the world of business, to better educate themselves so that they can put themselves out into the world.

From small business owners and startups to long-standing people in this industry, we all have a duty to learn more about how things work around us so that we can make good use of it.